Bathtime-take two

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Copyright Off The Leash/Rupert Fawcett

Because my back is playing up…
The pain is not a joke…
I thought I’d run a nice, hot bath
And have a proper soak.

I’ve got a tub of Epsom salts,
A remedy of yore,
Perhaps they’d help a little bit
To ease the bit that’s sore.

I looked down at the bathtub
With the small dog at my side,
And while I weighed the problem up
She ran away to hide.

She doesn’t like the bath, oh no,
And needed no excuse
To run away before I pounced
…She knows my every ruse.

But should I take a bath, well then
She’s right there by my side,
And eyeing up my dignity
…I have nowhere to hide.

The small dog’s toilette, just for once,
Was not what what made me pout…
The problem was not getting in,
But whether I’d get out.

What if, I wondered…

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