Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – A surprise visitor to the fall garden by Susanne Swanson

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A warm welcome back to Susanne Swanson of Cats and Trails and Garden Tails who is sharing the second of her posts from her archives. This week a surprise visitor to the garden .. and we all wondered where he had gone!

A surprise visitor to the fall garden by Susanne Swanson

While strolling in my garden this fine day I came across an unexpected visitor..

It wasn’t this squirrel storing up supplies for the coming winter…


And it wasn’t this pair of kinglets who stopped by for a drink and bath.


It wasn’t Tiger who drank the flavored water after they left..


Nor this spider who made a home in the rosemary..


The turtle stands daily, stone cold on the stream’s edge, so it was not him.


No. It was in the woodpile.

Where I found the visitor hiding.



How he got there I will never know. But…

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