Smorgasbord Christmas Posts from Your Archives – You’re Fired: A Christmas Fable by Frank Parker

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A welcome pack to Frank Parker who entertained us recently with posts from his historical archives.. now a post with a festive flavour or perhaps more of a enjoy this Christmas because it might be the last for a while!!!!

You’re Fired: A Christmas Fable by Frank Parker

A young man goes to his uncle’s office. They are both partners in the family business. The young man wears his hair and beard long. He has piercing blue eyes. Above them is an irregular line of marks, puckered like scar tissue, lighter than the generally swarthy appearance of his skin. The older man also has long hair and beard but, where the younger man’s are dark, his are pure white. His cheeks, visible above the white hair of the beard, are rosy and his eyes are crinkled in the appearance of a permanent smile. He is working at a computer screen…

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