Hi Heidi!

The Bingergread Cottage

My guest today is Heidi Catherine – another Crooked Cat writer and I am sure she is going to be frozen!

Whoa! It’s a bit cold here. Hi Ailsa. So lovely to meet you. Do you have an extra coat for me please? I’ve gone from summer in Australia to winter at Bingergread Cottage. I had to wrap the magic carpet over my shoulders when we flew over Iran, which steered me off course. So sorry I’m late. These are my two dogs, Trixie and Willow, who go everywhere with me. Trixie! Stop nipping Ailsa. Go and play with Lilydog.

Hello Trixie, you’re OK, I’ve been nipped all my life. Welcome Heidi. I thought I’d put a wrap on the carpet. First off – what would you like to drink? I’d normally have a coffee at this time of day, but since I’ve just survived my first ride on a…

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