Review of – Let it Go: “Look to the Living…” by Anita Dawes

Stevie Turner

My last book review of 2017 is Let it Go: “Look to the Living …” by Anita Dawes, a rather delightful novel incorporating several favourable elements as far as I’m concerned; family relationships and coming-of-age, alongside the myths, legends and rugged scenery of Cornwall.

Let it go

Also check out Anita Dawes’ and her sister Jaye Marie’s blog:

Fifteen year old Mary’s life is turned upside down when her father wins a large house in Cornwall in a card game, and her parents decide to up sticks from South West London, move down to Cornwall,  and run a bed & breakfast boarding house.  Mary does not have a good relationship with her sister Sally, but is particularly close to her elderly and infirm grandmother (Nan).  Nan decides to make the biggest change of all and move with the family to live in a caravan at the end of the garden.


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