#59 – The Tale of Three Early Birds

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in a tree tall enough for a tiny nest, there were three baby birds, Lilly, Milly and Tilly, who had woken up and were waiting impatiently for their breakfast. The three baby chicks were unique in the following ways: Lilly couldn’t hear, Milly couldn’t see and Tilly couldn’t speak. So, although Lilly couldn’t hear her mother arriving back to the nest, the sight of their mother flying towards the nest was always enough to get her crying out excitedly for food. Without knowing exactly what was going on, Milly would start copying Lilly immediately, making sure she wasn’t going to miss out on any food. Tilly would be able to see her mother coming, but wouldn’t be able to squawk at all and would just strut around the nest with her mouth silently opening and closing.

When their mother arrived home, the three sisters were shocked…

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