Justifying my writing time

Stories from the Heart

PenThere’s one thing that really annoys me as an Indy author, not being able to justify the time I spend writing.  Like most writers, I don’t make anywhere near enough money from writing to call it a ‘job’, so my income comes from an ordinary 9-to-5 career.  Even though I love writing, outside of my ‘normal’ job I have to put my family first.  I’d much prefer my kids to be able to say We’ve got a great mum rather than There’s an author living in our house!!!

23382369164_813b1b9226_zOf course, I’d love to be able to say My writing pays for xyx… or once this book goes to print we can afford abc… but I can’t because it doesn’t/we can’t.  I just wish I could justify the time I (want to) spend writing because I’ve got two current WIPs and I love writing.

Admittedly, the submission process has knocked me…

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