Ani’s Advent Invitation: A snowball’s chance…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

So, I should be going home today…’bout time too if you ask me. Gallivanting, that’s all you can call it. Gadding about… Has no-one ever told her about hibernating in winter?? All I get out of her is ‘workshop’ and ‘school stuff’, so goodness knows what she’s been at this time. No doubt we’ll hear all about it when she’s got herself fuelled up with that coffee stuff she seems to like.

All I can say is that my forbearance ought to be worth its weight in turkey.

Mind, she said it had been snowing on the high roads… so I hope she gets me home okay! Turkey or not, I need to be with her if it snows… we play out lots. She likes me taking her for walks in the snow, even if she does look weird all bundled up in furry things and stuff that makes her…

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