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Eve leaves behind her comfortable, suburban lifestyle when she discovers her husband’s infidelity, and returns to her Norfolk roots to rebuild her life. She feels instant belonging among the village pagans and eccentrics. But in a village of dark secrets and past tragedies, she finds more questions than answers:

Will enigmatic artist Lucas ever recover from the death of his wife eighteen years earlier?

What happened to troubled Justine’s mother, who disappeared around the same time?

Will Justine succeed in her bid to find the woman who abandoned her when she was a baby?

Why is charismatic local MP Sebastian being so friendly to Eve?

When tragedy strikes the community once more, Eve’s popularity plummets. Did she bring Black Shuck, the fabled harbinger of death, to the village? And is Eve’s involvement with the villagers a way of avoiding facing up to her own family troubles?



About the Author

“I dreamed of being a novelist from childhood but my ambition was dented by a teacher who thought that handwriting was more important than creativity. Instead, the pyrotechnics of a mad nun who taught chemistry sent me on a scientific career path and I didn’t start writing until my fortieth birthday. After the death of a close friend, I realised that I couldn’t put off my dreams forever. Almost ten years later, Future Perfect was published by Elsewhen Press.”

“I was born in Leeds and have lived in Saffron Walden since 2006. After several years collecting qualifications, I’ve had a varied career including homeopathy, the civil service and forensic science research. I currently work as a freelance medical writer. My loves in life are my husband, family and friends, as well as my two occasionally criminal black labradors. I also love music, travel, wine, dark chocolate, Parma violets and daffodils.”


Our Review

This book opens with an earth- shattering discovery. Something Eve Murdoch cannot believe is true.

She tries to convince herself  that she is mistaken, her brain refusing to consider what common sense is telling her.

Unable to cope she runs away, back to her roots in Norfolk, a county known locally as ‘The Lost Corner of England, a place where all lost objects eventually turn up.’ The author makes Norfolk sound very Cornish, what with all the talk of folklore and pagan magic.

Instead of finding the peace she so desperately needs, Eve finds herself involved in another complicated situation. A dangerous situation that begins to veer out of control, as the locals blame her arrival for recent disasters.

There are so many interesting characters in this book, all vividly portrayed and all with secrets of their own. It was hard to judge who Eve should trust, and I was wrong several times. I won’t tell you if Eve finds her peace and happiness, but you will enjoy the journey!

The Lost Corner very nearly made it on Kindle Scout, and deserves to be read. I found it an easy read, a lovely, yet very complex story. I enjoyed following Eve around, trying to unravel the many mysteries.


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