A tale of tails

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I had to clean the fish tank out
Although it’s hot and steamy…
The fish were swimming to the glass
And couldn’t really see me.

There’s one in there, a monster fish…
There’s smaller sold for cooking…
And he is such a character
You know when he is looking.

“Ahem,” said Fish as I approached,
“You’re slacking on the cleaning.
A water change would be quite nice…
If you could take my meaning….”

I took the hint, took off the lid
And started on the bailing,
It’s not a big or complex job,
It ought to be plain sailing.

The little fish all disappeared,
The big fish wasn’t moving,
He just lay on the gravel bed
And watched me, disapproving.

He wants the water clean and bright,
The filter washed and clear,
But he’s not happy when
The fish tank cleaner comes too near…

A flick of that almighty tail

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