Village Life – The Brothers

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

When we first moved to our village there were two sixty-something brothers and their younger sister who used to walk about the lanes.  I’d only been here a few days when I walked past them, causing them to stop in their tracks and stare silently at me with some intensity until I’d gone past.  The look on their faces unnerved me somewhat, and from then on every time I saw them they would do the same.  Their heads would swivel, tracking my movements until I had disappeared around the corner.

It rapidly dawned on me that these poor souls were obviously not the full shilling.  After I’d got to know some of the other villagers they told me that George, Gerald and Ida had been born and raised in the village.  They all lived together, and previously Ida had worked as a cleaner and the brothers I think might have been manual farm workers.  None of them had ever…

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