The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Ancient and modern

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Although I have driven through it on a number of occasions, I hadn’t been to Conwy since I was seventeen. Thankfully, any pictures I might have of that trip,  are long since lost, or the scanner won’t work, or something… but I do have fond memories of my very encounter with Wales. We had camped our way around the country and liked Conwy enough to spend two nights there. My clearest memory of the place is of the castle and a sunset over the sea and my attempts to capture it on camera. My love affair with the lens started early.

We hadn’t come for memories, though, we reluctantly decided that we needed hats.  The sun, even at that early hour, was becoming unbearably hot and both of us, unprepared for such un-British heat, had already caught too much sun.  The town duly provided my style-conscious friend, whose hats are…

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