Result of Kindle Scout Campaign

Stevie Turner

Well, surprise surprise, my Kindle Scout campaign for The Porn Detective wasn’t successful.  It’s hard to keep promoting a book for a whole month.  It’s okay for a couple of days, and then to be honest I expect people are sick of the sight of it.   Unless you have an army of fans who are all clicking away and nominating every single day of the campaign, then it’s difficult to keep the book up there in the ‘Hot and Trending’ section where the judges are looking.  I did notice though that the whole campaign did receive about 1,200 hits, so perhaps all is not lost.

However, you can’t keep a good story down, and instead I’ve had a rethink, changed the cover, changed the title in case it was giving readers the wrong impression, and put it up for pre-order on Amazon.  The Porn Detective has morphed into…


Mind GamesPre-order here:


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