Thank Goddess for Tramadol!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


I can tell you two things now: One, that is not a title I ever thought I would write and two, I feared, yesterday, that I would have to have Jumble put down.

When I was in hospital, eleven years ago, with Seroxat-induced hepatitis, I was given Tramadol for the pain – and had the worst, and most scary, hallucinations of my life up to that point.

So, when the lovely vet I saw yesterday suggested this powerful pain-killer for my beloved pet, I was very uncertain. But, after weeks of witnessing Jumble’s obvious suffering – and having almost no sleep myself – I had to do something to help him – and the vet and I had both agreed that his time to go had not yet arrived because, despite the age-related ills, he still enjoys life and has a gentle and inquisitive soul.

Bless him, he was almost…

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