A Year Ago Today: In Rude Mode

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Facebook reminded me of this, for I had forgotten: On May 17th 2016, I wrote a jolly little piece all about the physical effects of ageing upon one’s prized bits. (https://orangehairedalienorabrowning.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/going-south/)

This prompted someone to re-flag one of my all-time-favourite posts: Duck with aDick!

Now, P.G.Wodehouse often used to make the point I am about to in his Bertie Wooster novels: How much background information should a writer bung in about previous pieces? Should one assume that everyone has read everything and would, therefore, be bored titless by trawling back through the past? Or should one be catering to those to whom one is new and give the basic outline?

So, for those new to my oeuvre: In December 2015, i drove to Clark’s Village, in Street, to finish off my Christmas shopping – and was lured into Menkind almost immediately. There I found a young couple, with…

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