Riding at the Gates of Sixty: A Review

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I wrote this book in 1983, when I was twenty-five – and published it two years ago, having edited it extensively. Now, riding hard at the gates of sixty myself, I shall re-read it.

The following review, one of five (all 5*), left me speechless with emotion:

There are few words which can adequately describe this wonderfully sculpted volume.

Riding at the Gates of Sixty will surely become essential readng for those wishing to half-way approach, and understand, the force of nature that was Virginia Woolf. Taylor has most assuredly risen to the task set by her heroine, “If I were to ask my friends, and loved ones, to write about me, they would be unlikely to stumble upon this tremulous self, so fleetingly exposed”. The voices and inner worlds of Leonard, Vanessa and Virginia are so perfectly brought to life, in such glorious detail, that there can be little…

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