Exposed: Delayed Threat Response: Pain and Tears

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I woke with intense upper-back pain today – and it turned into a panic attack, as such things have done so often in the past. Rarely since I moved here, however, so I do feel terribly disappointed and, I will confess, a touch annoyed with myself for this illogical response to any kind of threat.

But there’s an awful lot going on emotionally behind the scenes of my apparently open and candid blogging. My personal pieces on here are but the tip of the metaphorical iceberg = and I am hurt in ways, and places, I cannot always even access consciously myself. At such times, the pain comes out somatically. But, for those inclined to pour scorn on such matters, the word ‘somatic’ means ‘mind and body’ and the pain is genuine.

Much I cannot divulge. But I will share what I am convinced has triggered this latest pain/fear…

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