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Some of you may remember the posts I wrote last year when I was fighting breast cancer. It was my way of coping with a completely alien and difficult situation.  The support I received from everyone at that time was truly wonderful and really helped a lot. All these caring arms reached out to me from around the world to give me all these hugs, and I will never forget any of you.

The idea to publish these posts as a short story was to give hope and support to others, and I genuinely hope it helps someone else in their time of need.

I called the story “Apple Blossom” because that is the abiding memory of my time at the hospital. In the radiotherapy room, above the treatment table, some of the ceiling tiles had been replaced with illuminated pictures of apple blossom against a blue summer sky. In the darkness of that room, I stared at those images every day for three weeks, desperately trying to remain calm and as peaceful as I could manage.

Even now, months later, I cannot look at apple blossom without remembering how alone I felt, but also how lucky I was…

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