Being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – Part 2: Remission Mission

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

MS story2Continuing from last time: Part 1

By now, I had been off work for almost four months, waiting on the results of an MRI scan.  The whole process from initial symptoms, to diagnosis had so far taken about a year.  During that time, I had done something which I promised I would never do, and my wife told me I should not do, which was self diagnose.  I had done my degree in anatomy and physiology and had some understanding of how the body worked, but worse than that, I had access to several large textbooks, with information on a wide variety of conditions, including some common symptoms.  I looked through these books every night before bed, until I had convinced myself that I had MS.  The symptoms seemed to be very similar to the ones I had been experiencing – tingling sensations in my

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