Being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – Part 1: Oh, the fun.

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Neurons Steve BoseleyIf you are following this blog you will probably know this.  If you aren’t, please follow along; everything you need to know is here.  Between writing horror fiction, I have also found time to write about parts of my life with Multiple Sclerosis.  Writing is a big part of my life but, like it or not, so is MS.  Writing this now is cathartic, in a way.  It feels good to say it out loud.  It’s terrifying to post it on this blog for many reasons: people may not be interested and may be turned off from coming along on this writing journey (and I would HATE that), people may assume that’s what I’m about (but it isn’t – I love a severed head as much as the next man), or you may just think you haven’t got time to read about my problems (It’s a problem I enjoy solving…

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