On This Day Of Love, I’m Declaring War

Tara Sparling writes

There arefar too many people wandering aroundhappily in love today.It’s a terrible state of affairs. Me?I’mstill waitingfor that great book which will wallop me sideways and make me fall head over heels in love with it. I’m tired of waiting. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder whose fault it is that I haven’t found it yet. This is why I’ve decided to declare war on bookstoday.Books which are preventing me from reading other books.

On This Day Of Love, I'm Declaring War

I’ve beenpinionedtoa glacier of what I’m callingDead Slow Books, which I recently realised in a clichéd flash of blinding insight are preventing me from supporting the book industry in the way I once did.

TheDead Slow Book is like a bad boyfriend. You know the relationship just isn’t going to turn out well. You know there are plenty more books in the sea. You know that persisting with him and thinking he’s going to get better…

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