A Rather Personal Tuesday Newsday

Stevie Turner

Queen Elizabeth had her ‘annus horriblis’ in 1992.  Now 25 years later I think it’s my turn.

Last Friday I attended an appointment with my oncologist at Cambridge to find out the results of an ultrasound scan I’d had at the end of January.  Unfortunately the radiologist could see a small nodule on the right of the thyroid bed, and so the 6 week treatment of external beam radiotherapy that I’ve been putting off for 2 years is now on the cards.

After my last surgery in 2014 the oncologist recommended 30 targeted radiation treatments to knock out any stray cancer cells in the thyroid bed.  As the side-effects are so severe, I immediately said no unless there was actually something to treat.  Now nearly three years later there is, and so I must bite the bullet so to speak.  The oncologist thankfully refrained from saying I told you so, but hey…

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