Legends in the landscape – a chapel in the green

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One of our reasons for visiting Cratcliffe Crags was to find a cave. On our visit in October, the bracken was still high… far taller than me, which may not be saying a great deal, but also taller than my companion. Knowing that there are treacherous cliffs and fissures in the limestone, with so much greenery hiding the trails pushed through the tall stems, we were reluctant to stray too far from the visible pathways and failed to find the cave.


On our second visit, on a grey January day that was threatening rain, we approached from another direction, hoping to come at the base of the cliffs. The muddy winter paths made going difficult but a robin and a wren accompanied us, so we were feeling fairly confident as we slid through the trees.


All we knew was that the cave was somewhere on the western side of the…

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