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Carnage #writeinspiration

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Coming home from school at tea-time was an adventure.  You never knew, you could find anything from rabbit stew to sheep’s heads, swimming in greasy juices for the dogs, or a game pie, stacked with mushrooms and pastry. Perhaps an omelette made with eggs from the pigeons. Then mother served up Fred…


Written for Sacha Black’s writeinspiration challenge this week, a tale in 52 words… and the tale is a true one.

The stock auctions drew my parents like moths to a flame. One day I came home to a garden full of rabbits. Most of them went in the pot.  Sheep’s heads, chicken necks and lights (lungs) were acquired from the village butcher for next to nothing to feed the dogs and gruesome indeed were the scenes after the local poacher had been to call. On another occasion they brought home pigeons and we suddenly had a pigeon…

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