Stevie’s Cancer Survivors’ Guide to Check-ups

Stevie Turner

Another 6 months has come around too soon.  Tomorrow I will drive 40 miles to Cambridge for what is commonly known as a ‘6 month check-up’, one of those things which all cancer survivors who are in remission are familiar with.  Since my last check up I have managed to put all thoughts of cancer out of my mind for a good 90% of the time, but as soon as I step through those hospital doors tomorrow the butterflies will start up again.

I hate going to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  It reminds me of the dark days of zero thyroxine in my body, and of being pushed around the corridors in a wheelchair by Sam.  The first time I had to have radioiodine treatment I had to spend the previous 2 weeks thyroxine-free.  Those little white pills might be tiny, but boy oh boy your body tells you all about it when you cease…

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