Not one dull moment…



I was going to start the week with lots of good intentions, but somewhere between feeling exhausted from our trip to the New Forest (future post) and the fact that the new baby next door kept us all awake half the night, that original idea took a walk without me.
Stuck to routine in the morning, didn’t think I could go wrong there…and then the repairman for the cooker turned up. I wish all my problems could be fixed as fast as this one, it must have taken him all of 10 minutes to whip out the broken thermostat and bung in a new one!

Today I was determined to concentrate on writing. But as I ran the tap before I filled the kettle, something strange had happened. The water was brown. I let it run for a while but it stayed brown. Not much chance of a cuppa at this rate, I thought.
An hour later, I telephoned the water company and they couldn’t explain it either. Eventually it cleared, but it makes you wonder what we are actually drinking. A short trip to the local shop for bottled water was in order.
In between dodgy water and phone calls, I did manage to get quite a lot of writing done.

The tap water has a strong smell of bleach this morning, so it was back to the bottle stuff. Hopefully the bleach will clear soon and the water will be fit to drink!
Went to use my Dragon recognition software, only to find it uncooperative for reasons known only to itself. Wrestled with it for over an hour before it decided to toe the line. My typing skills have suffered with my advancing years, so having a machine do it for you is brilliant. If you need to give your fingers a break, you should definitely try it. It’s not very expensive and very easy to use. Like all things digital, it does throw the occasional wobbly, but I couldn’t be without it.

Today I decided it was time to run my WIP through the spell and grammar checker. Two gruelling hours later and what seemed like hundreds of corrections, the readability score was 79.5 which I thought was quite good. Wish I could get a handle on this passive sentence stuff though.

The minute I woke up I had the feeling it wouldn’t be a nice day. I had no reason to think this and no idea where the idea came from. I wasn’t always right, so I tried to ignore it.
But the brain must have heard this observation and decided it needed time off, refusing to cooperate in the slightest. When I finally switched on the computer, I found BT had sprung another change. BT Yahoo has now gone and everything has changed dramatically, so going through my emails was a nightmare.
Why do they keep doing this? Everything has to be new and different, upgraded and improved, why can’t they leave things alone? Some of us like what we are used to, slipper syndrome I expect…