Ten out of Ten: Happy Dog!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


We learn, from our earliest years, to mark, or count, things out of ten – with ten being the epitome of success, joy, spelling ability or sexual attraction (quotient thereof).

Jumble, my fourteen-and-a-half-year-old border collie, has really taken to life in Glastonbury. He has perked up. His interest in life is re-awakened. He adores our surroundings and likes to rub noses, through the bars, with Pippa. He is delighted with his new freedom to wander where he will – and even curls up at the bottom of my bed some nights.

There are a couple of areas in which we do not see eye to eye, the main one being his extraneous fur. I want to thin it out. He wants me to bugger off. Stalemate at present. I clip bits as and when I can, but the large nests in his posterial thicket could really do with a…

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