Notes from a small dog – Finders Keepers

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I’d already been out and checked the garden, long before the sun came up. Everything was fine. I could smell where the nightly intruders had passed, but there is nothing unusual about that… the fields at the back of the garden have some really interesting creatures wandering about in them…even now the cows are living inside for the winter. But as the sun came up, she let me out again. Well okay, technically, she grabbed the camera and went out, squeaking like she does… and I just followed. The birds had already invaded… and there was this white thing on the grass.


Well, you know, I had to investigate. “Put it down,” she says. How does she see with her back to me? “It’ll be the crow,” she says. Now, crow is big. I don’t mess with crows as a rule… though I have words with them through the window…

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