Growing Old…




I may not like growing old, and I really don’t, but I have discovered something far worse.

The worst thing of all is watching everyone else grow old too.

And this isn’t restricted to the people you love, your family and friends, but animals too.

I noticed the tell tale signs a while ago, but it didn’t ring any alarm bells then. Now it has. All those niggly aches and pains caused by over doing things have now begun to look more sinister.

Somewhere along the line during our lives, I think we get complacent, confident that we can go on forever, that somehow we are indestructible. In my own case, this is mainly due to all the things I have managed to survive and walk away from. So it came as a bit of a shock to realise that this may not continue to happen after all. That one day I might not wake up in the morning.

This is where the fear begins, as you watch the people you love struggle with ordinary every day activities and see the pain they try so hard to hide. You can’t help it, but you start to wonder who will go first, and selfishly pray it isn’t you.


One of the worst things I see every day is the difference in our magnificent Merlin, our rather large, black and white cat. Always so strong and fit, suddenly he cannot jump up on his favourite chair and seems to be walking slower these days. He is talking far more these days too, and appealing to us with wide, imploring eyes. I wonder if he worries about the future too.

Living each day as it comes, and refusing to think about tomorrow, seems to be the best way. Make each day the best it can possibly be, rather than living every day as if it will be your last, as that gives out entirely the wrong attitude, I think.

None of us knows what will happen tomorrow, but we can only hope there are more days left than we think!


4 thoughts on “Growing Old…

  1. I loved this post as something happened to me recently which made me suddenly have a good look at myself. I have an ongoing health problem, not life threatening or anything like that just a blinking nuisance. My GP has referred me to the ‘Older Persons Health’ team. What-How come? I’m only 72 and feel about 22!
    But yes age creeps up on us and suddenly we find we can’t do the things we have always done. I agree with Sue’s comment; I’m not afraid of the manner of my passing, I just hope that I don’t become dependent on my family for my well being. It is something we should discuss with our loved ones but inevitably sadness overrules all and we tend to shove it out of our minds.
    I have been completing some of my Bucket list, not because I’m ill or at end of life, but just to do the things I want to before time overtakes me and I then have regrets. I still have to climb Everest and see the Aurora Borealis (not necessarily on the same trip.) Best wishes Norma

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  2. It is a difficult subject to discuss and many will shy from it. I’ve always thought that death should be much more of an open subject and the fear of death more openly admitted. Getting old doesn’t bother me, I’m finding it an interesting process, though I could wish my body would behave a bit better sometimes. Becoming unable to care for myself, scares me more than death itself. The actual dying bit is inevitable and we all hope it will be gentle, but it isn’t something we can change our minds or or decide we don’t fancy 🙂

    Watching others sruggle and suffer, though, that is really hard.

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