Ani’s Christmas

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Dear Santa, just a little note
About the Christmas tree…
All garlanded with tennis balls
And all of them for me!


There was a little squeaky pup
That makes a lot of noise,
A rope we can play tug games with
And loads of other toys.

Then I looked up, what did I see?
The best treat yet by far!
Up there upon the Christmas tree
…A chicken flavour star!


And then my boy came round as well
For lunch and stayed all day…
Which meant he could play ball with me
And play, and play and play!


And lunch was good, with turkey,
Bacon, sausages and stuff…
And loads of lovely leftovers,
When they had had enough!

I wanted to say thank you,
‘Cause you had a busy night,
Deploying all those tennis balls
To make my Christmas bright!


So, put your feet up, Santa,
Have a snooze…

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