Grateful Dead…

Stuart France

“I come to you now at the turning of the tide…”
– Gandalf-the-White



“I usually take it myself but I am too ill this year.”
I contemplate the Christmas Wreath: run my fingers delicately along the hard, hard edges of the holly leaves; test their points, caress the berries and ponder a possible name for the red, flouncy blooms…
“But of course, it will be a pleasure I shall make of it a ritual to be passed down in the annals of our family, like a tradition of old.”
“Really, I don’t know where you get such ideas, but you’ll need this too…”
“A dish cloth?”
“To wipe down the stone, there’s a bag here too, you can carry the new wreath down in it, take up the old one and when you’re done put the dirty cloth and the old wreath in the bag and bin them.”

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