How do I hate Thee…?

(With apologies to William Shakespeare, but this rant is long overdue…)


Sometimes I hate my PC and the internet so much I want to run screaming from the building and never stop. I used to blame my technical shortcomings, but I have since learned that it is all due to a conspiracy. A conspiracy designed to instil insanity in the population, and the last time I looked, it was working well enough on me.

“Make a fantastic book cover on Canva, it’s soooo easy a child can do it!”

“Free book trailers made easy!”

This might be true, if their sites didn’t slow down and/or freeze every two minutes. This is probably another conspiracy to make you pay out for the better versions. Either that or these sites see me coming!

“Don’t worry about passwords – log in with Facebook/twitter etc.”

Really? This would be great if it always worked and recognised you next time!

And my latest beef. I wanted to improve my email signature, but couldn’t find the place to do it. Everywhere I looked for help said the same thing, that the link was on the left side of the menu… only it wasn’t. Several people on Google told me that too, so who knows, maybe I am crazier than I thought!

And finally, I have to include all the things I successfully did yesterday. For some reason or other, they will not happen again today!

Most of you will know by now that I never give up without a fight, but I have to admit that I can see the day approaching when I will have to stop fighting. It is getting too hard for my advancing years, and I am getting really tired of getting nowhere fast.

I know I have learned a lot, and in a way, this only makes it worse, for my logical mind refuses to accept that I might not be able to go much further.

I find myself thinking about all the craft and artwork I used to have time for, and the call to return is getting stronger. Of course, all of this is probably academic, as one of these days, I won’t be physically capable of any of these things, and that is a day I am not looking forward to…

Even posting this, it took three tries before I managed to get the right images!



On a lighter note, we have decided to gather up all those short stories that have been cluttering up our filing system, and publish the collection on Amazon.

Eleven very different stories from both myself and Anita, some funny,  some sad, but all worth reading.  Amazon Link:

Can an ebook be a stocking filler?


12 thoughts on “How do I hate Thee…?

  1. I completely sympathize. My computer and I got into a bit of a scuffle last night. After writing more than a thousand words, those words suddenly weren’t there. What?! My lips quivered. I may or may not have let some obscenities fly. Then quite magically those words were back just as I was about to chuck the whole thing out the window.

    Definitely a conspiracy.

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  2. I think we should start a group of ‘How I hate thee’ and have a bashed up laptop as our logo. I am absolutely certain that my lap top has a brain of its own and decides that when I am trying to do something complicated it goes into ‘Buggeration’ mode. Anything to mess up what I am trying to do!
    I subscribe to Allie P’s post. It is definitely a cyber conspiracy!

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