November 10th 2015

Today’s word of the day is ‘Alakefic’. Although it doesn’t technically appear in the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s a word my grandad uses a lot, and thus it’s one of my favourites.

If you Google it paired with the word ‘definition’ you’ll find something like this.

alakefic – from Egyptian (couldn’t care less about, laid back, uncaring. e.g., He’s pretty alakefic about that)

It’s a word that’s come from RAF slang, and my Grandad was in the third battalion of the parachute regiment. The battalion before him had just returned from an operational jump in Suez, Egypt when he joined his battalion, so it makes sense that they’d picked up Egyptian words, I guess.

My Grandad’s definition of the word involves another bit of RAF slang.

He defines the word to mean “No Ambition And Fuck-all Interest” which he shortens to NAAFI. And the NAAFI (Navy, Army…

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