I have debated long and hard about sharing our news with you all.

Supposing it amounts to nothing more than a glitch, something that only happened by chance, never to be repeated? But when it happened I couldn’t believe it.

Moi? Did I actually do the right thing at the right place and make something happen?

Against some people’s better judgement, I have never hidden our seeming inability to do even the simplest things and achieve even small amounts of progress. My reasoning was this; book promotion is so difficult, almost impossible, and to try to hide that fact, I think is wrong. It makes it even more special when fate decides to smile on us.

What am I talking about?

A short while ago, I realised that we could run a free promotion on Amazon. And on the spur of the moment I picked one of Anita’s books, Scarlet Ribbons and booked the week. Five whole days of being free on Amazon. Add a bit of promotion on the side and something might happen. So I ran promo posts to spread the word, including Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads.

As the days passed, I resisted the temptation to check the stats until the very last day. When I did finally check, my jaw hit the floor with a resounding thud. 36 copies of Scarlet Ribbons had been picked up!  36!

Now, I know this is not huge, but compared to our past efforts it’s pretty miraculous to us, and Anita and I want to thank every single one of you for making a pair of old ladies very happy. Could this be the start of a trend, and if so, what should we do next?

Apart from hoping that some of the 36 actually enjoy reading SR and leave a review or two, that is.

That would be the icing on the cake!


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