6 thoughts on “Amazon Takes the First Step Against AI

  1. Good share. The information this reveals is somewhat disturbing for folk already trying to be known, the market is stacked against them already. It is somewhat encouraging to read that Amazon is taking its ‘brand’ seriously.

    For some of us though into later years and born with computers, the reaction can also have its ‘singular’ side…

    Perverse humour warning…..ranging moderate to ‘peculiar’ …

    I now take comfort in not being success via Amazon Kindle. I am at one with being ‘Unnoticed’. It was nothing to do with the quality. I was out- marketed by an AI
    I shall instead emulate 19th century authors such as Dickens and Dostoevsky and place my Fantasy Trilogy (total wordage 650,000 +) in regular instillments through Word Press

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