Why Am I Writing and Publishing Books?

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Hi, SE’ers. John here on this last Friday of May. (The time flies cliche works beautifully here)

I have been reading a lot lately where authors lament the lack of book sales and question why they continue to write and publish books that don’t sell.

This preponderance of recent author concentration on book sales incentivized me to ask myself why I also continue to do it. So with some deep introspection, I came up with an answer. Before I provide some insight into why I publish books, I want to talk a little about the what of publishing books. Here are some facts about the self-published industry.

There are more than 1.7 million self-published books launched every year. This data is from Bowker in 2022.

From WordsRated, here are the following statistics for 2023.

  • 30-34% of all ebooks sold are self-published.
  • 300 million self-published…

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