Decay as Setting #newbook

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Hi, gang. Thanks for joining me for yet another promo post about “Once Upon a Time in the Swamp.” While these are completely promotional, I also want them to be interesting. A large percentage of my readers are authors, and maybe some of this can inspire your next tale.

The post apocalyptic Gulf Coast was kind of a stickpin for me. What would a failed world look like after decades? I put my effort into this, and came up with forest fires, hurricanes, rust, and more. I added earthquakes into the mix as a result of nuclear warfare that happened before this story opens.

As Mari wanders in the swampland, she spends the night in a burned out old military helicopter. She has to cross crumbling bridges, and there are odd buildings that have been repurposed by a new civilization. One example is a restaurant that is sited in a…

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