Spotlight Poetry – The Violet – A Poem by Henry Hawkins

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© Wendy Edelson, Violets Bunny, 2020

The Violet by Henry Hawkins

The lowlie Virgin view’d. Her modest eye,
Submissive count’nance, thought did relye

With vertues, fragrant colours, round beset,
Close to the earth lay like a Violet;

Such was the Virgin rays’d to be Heaven’s Queene,
Who on the earth, neglected, was not seene.

Poem Attribution © Henry Hawkins, The Violet, (From The Virgin)

Source Attribution The Language of Flowers, Ed. Jane Holloway, Pub. Alfred A. Knopf

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Painting Attribution © Wendy Edelson, Violets Bunny, 2020

Source Attribution

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3 thoughts on “Spotlight Poetry – The Violet – A Poem by Henry Hawkins

  1. Thank you My Friends for the share. Much appreciated. You may have noticed over the past week or so I have had to step back from blogging due to on going health issues and hospitalisation. On the road to recovery. Hope to be back full time soon. Happy Smiles Sunday.


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