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Ciao, SEers! Happy Arbor Day!

Today is a day (in several countries, the US included) dedicated to planting trees. Trees give us air. They give us shade. They give us beauty.

They give us stories?

Not exactly. I’m not talking The Giving Tree. (And don’t get me started on how tragic that story is.) And I don’t mean in the sense that wood becomes paper in some instances, which could eventually become pages of books.

So, what do I mean? In honor of Arbor Day, I thought we’d have a little fun and compare trees to story.

The Seeds

You can’t have a tree without a seed. This could be planted by someone or a naturally occurring event in the woods (or even your yard). But to grow a tree, you start with the seeds.

You start a story the same way. Just the kernel of an idea is…

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