Bees buzz ~ a DoReMiDo


Bees buzz, ants sneeze
Wild winds whistle
Goats baa along
Trees sway to please

Some choose to hum
While flowers bloom
Birds tap tap to
Drummer boy's thrum

Chicks up to tricks
Coo with the dove
Who peacefully
Picks the lyrics

Oh stay! Don't go!
Sing with Nature
And we can all
Go DoReMiDo.

ForMurisopsis~ Nonce poetry forms scavenger hunt – DoReMiDo;NaPoRiMo ~ Day 17; Cee’s FOTD

Mindfills© 2023

DoReMiDo by Sangeetha ( That’s Me 😁) – a poem of 4 stanzas of 4 lines per stanza and 4 syllables per line for 16 syllables per stanza. The four corners (syllables #1, 4, 13, 16) of each stanza must rhyme. BONUS: Include a reference to singing or song.

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