The Seasons of Life – #PoetryforChange #Poetrychallange


Over the past year, Life has led me in more than a few new and, often, frightening directions. The Path has often seemed obscured, littered with debris that grasps and reaches to ensnare me or cause me to stumble. There have been more than a few moments when I stopped and gazed round in confusion, uncertain of the way in which I should go and fearful of what lies ahead; and once or twice I doubled back, attempting to find the trail once again. Yet, in spite of the twists and turns; regardless of the brambles and scrubby undergrowth crowding the track, and notwithstanding the shadows of doubt that clouded the way like thick, enshrouding fog, my feet continued forward.

Walking through the woodlands of life is ever challenging; yet is often equally rewarding. The views and vistas are picturesque and charming; the breeze is sweet, fresh and clean and…

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