As Above So Below

Lost In Amberland

Heaven on Earth

Snake in the water

A ripple effect, time

Birds fly gracefully

As darkness falls

Last light of sunset

Across the river’s edge

Wild dogs howling

Squawks of an Egret

Don’t forget to breathe

Before you take a dive

Murky water is cold

Shock to the system

Geese flying overhead

Fireworks exploding

Beyond the old trees

Someone shoots a gun

As we dive under muddy

Waters, forget the world

I’ll stay right here forever

Holding your hand through

The unknown afterlife

Eternity is a rock thrown

Into the river at sunset

As I wash away the sins

Of my buried past I hear

Whispers of death calling

Not tonight maybe tomorrow

The snake is on the riverbed

It’s safe here for now as I swim

Floating like a boat beating against

The current, forever chasing

Gatsbys American Dream

Tears flow and meet the water

Maybe tomorrow, not tonight

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