Overused Techniques and Genres? I Think Not!

Story Empire

Greetings to one and all. Beem Weeks back with you this fine spring day! Today, I want to share with you a few thoughts on writing techniques and genres. Is it possible to over-use these tools?

Chapter one

Recently, Story Empire’s Mae Clair wrote an informative piece on crafting stories with dual timelines. If you missed it, find it HERE. It really is worth your time as a writer. As I so often do, I re-blogged the story to lure my blog’s followers over to the Story Empire site. Mae’s post received positive feedback from readers on both sites.

However, there was one reader on my site who left a comment that spoke of the overuse of the dual timeline technique. First, she added her own two cents on what makes for an interesting story using a dual timeline. Her points were valid. But afterward, she claimed that dual timeline stories…

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