Smorgasbord Short Stories – #Easter – The Lost Sheep by Geoff Cronin

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Instead of my usual podcast this week, I thought I would reshare a story by my father-in-law, Geoff Croninwho wrote two books about his life in Waterford, Wexford and Dublin, and also short story collection.

He had an amazingly retentive memory for both anecdotal stories and jokes and this particular story always touched my heart. Despite my upbringing I am not religious but do feel that I have a spiritual side and I do believe in guardian angels. For me this story  reminds us that whatever our beliefs, we should reach out a hand to accept kindness from a stranger.

The Lost Sheep, apart from anything also reminds us that however dreadful we feel our life has been, we can still move forward.

The Lost Sheep by Geoff Cronin

The clock in the railway station said five minutes to nine. The express would be thundering through at nine…

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