The 12-Foot Teepee ~ Marilyn Armstrong ~ #Personal Transformation ~ Review ~ @fivedawgz

Book Description

Fighting the of demons of an abusive childhood and having given up on traditional paths to personal salvation, Maggie decides to find her own path … by building a teepee in her backyard. It’s a peculiar route, but her goal is simple: offload the cargo of her past and move into a future sans luggage. Armed with a draw knife and a sense of humour, she peels poles and paints canvas until winter passes, and she is free.

About the Author

Marilyn Armstrong started writing as soon as she could form letters and has never heard a single good reason why she should stop. Marilyn and her husband, as well as their son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and various intrepid canines, live in a setting of rare natural beauty and gigantic rocks in rural Massachusetts. —

From Marilyn herself…

I’m a blogging anarchist, a blogger without goals. A writer, and photographer. I don’t have a primary focus, nor do I want one. I have a lot of interests and write about whatever catches my attention or is most on my mind. Or in the news.

I’m a bit of a geek, and I love my high-tech toys. I enjoy writing about computers and other high-tech devices. Especially cameras!

Serendipity is about everything. What I think about. Read. Big and little stuff in my world. It’s what I hope you’ll like to read about. Think about. Laugh about. I will show you pictures of my home, my valley. I will do my best to capture the seasons and how sunlight filters through trees.

Our Review

The well-written prologue sets the tone of this story, which I originally thought would be fiction. This story is Margaret’s life in a painful nutshell, and I wondered what this kind of life would do to a person.

The story begins with Margaret needing to create a private place for her granddaughter, Sarah. I think Margaret needed a place like this too.

With little money or space, the idea of building a teepee seemed the perfect solution, and what began as a place of peace for a grandchild rapidly became a healing place for Margaret. A place to try and face her demons.

The story quickly segues from the teepee into the biography of a life. A life that needs fixing, much like the teepee. The perfect analogy.

So much of this story was inspiring, but it brought a lot of tears too.

I enjoyed reading this story, despite some of the elements. The author writes well and has a wonderful sense of humour, so it begs the question, why no more stories?

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