Perpetuating the Sublime – #PoetryforChange #PoetryChallenge



The Silence of intangible Time

Stands Testament to Vision

Verbosity in wordless Rhyme

Clairvoyance in Provision

Giving all it takes away

Silhouettes of Reason

Hyperbole of Whispers

Laughing in Rich treason

To the Lingering Silence

Perpetuating the Sublime

Manifesting Harmony

In a mute and changeless chime.


In this season of renewal and resolution, I invite you to JOIN ME in Creating Positive Change through poetry.

Whether you opt for Free Verse, Form, Narrative, or Visual Poetry, I hope you will take up this simple challenge to post once a week about something you BELIEVE needs to be changed.

Please use the hashtag #PoetryforChange and spread the word by reblogging and retweeting your post and others with the same tag.

Let’s make the world a better place!

With Hope for Harmony,





Beautiful original photography by Jim Crotty.

Thank you ~

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