Six on Saturday – 7/1/2023

garden ruminations

One week into a new year and if there was a notion that a new year should feel like an improvement, it’s passed. January is always going to be like that, it’s a stupid month to start a new year with.

Looking for an upside, I can tell you that for the seven years we’ve had solar panels the January generation average is 135% of the December average and the February average is 209% of the December average. The 2022 December average was 126% of the seven year average. It gets better quite quickly.

Gardeners have to be glass half full types surely, they’d give up otherwise. We’ve turned the corner, the old year and the shortest day and the season of contrived happiness are behind us. Time to look for reasons to be cheerful.

Six on Saturday is how some of us share that cheerfulness and should you be…

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