Book Tour of The Last Drive by John W. Howell

Pete Springer


Today, I’m pleased to be joined by writer/blogger John Howell, featuring the release of his newest book, The Last Drive. After meeting John about three years ago, I was immediately intrigued because I realized my path was similar to his in that we both had long careers in other fields before we began writing. Besides being a talented writer, John blogs daily at Fiction Favorites.,where you can find his regular features. His Top Ten Lists are always entertaining, as are his adventures with his two dogs, Lucy and Twiggy. My favorite regular segment is his Friday JohnKu when John writes an uplifting news story.

Since I read Eternal Road previously, I was excited to learn that John had decided to write a sequel called The Last Drive. I recently read that novel, and as expected, I was not disappointed. (Read my review below) Rather than taking…

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