In a Vase on Monday: Tom Thumb and the Elegant Lady

Rambling in the Garden

Those of you who happened to read my recent Six on Saturday post will have been aware of the ‘spoiler alert’ and guessed I was going to use a fantasy chrysanthemum in today’s vase, a vase which took mere minutes to put together. Joining the elegant Chrysanthemum ‘Salhouse Joy’ in a deep smoky purple slim vase is a sprig of Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’, now in its attractive dark winter overcoat, accompanied by a teeny articulated figure. Sadly, now that Tom Thumb has encountered this very elegant lady he appears very self-conscious, and is just standing around woodenly, unable to further the acquaintance.

Flowers on my two late-flowering greenhouse chrysanthemums are likely to be very sparse this year but will be very welcome, maybe justifying the plants’ existence. Having enjoyed seeing other bloggers’ hardy chrysanthemums recently I have decided to grow some myself next year but in pots, so I can…

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