I Once Thought There Was Some Good In Everyone

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Until quite recently, I believed that all humans were some combination of good and bad.  None of us are perfect … I sometimes have thoughts that I’m not proud of and in my 71 years on this earth, I’ve done things I now regret.  Some people have more good than bad, and vice versa, but I always believed that at the core, people were good.  I sit before you today to tell you that I no longer believe that.  I have finally been convinced that some people are just evil beings.  This realization is not a pleasant one, not one that encourages me to want to remain a part of the human species.

When there is at least a shred of decency in a person, that part of them can be coaxed, nourished, and encouraged until that person finds their conscience and realizes the error of their ways.  At least…

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6 thoughts on “I Once Thought There Was Some Good In Everyone

  1. A plant needs three things….sunshine, water and nutrition.
    If It doesn’t get enough water,Its growth is slowed. If It doesn’t get enough sunshine Its growth is also slowed and If It doesn’t get enough nutrition,It’ll become stunted.
    A Human is very much the same. A Human needs not just physical things like water and nutrition but because of our brain we need Love.
    If a Human does not get this love during the formative years when It is young It can become stunted emotionally. If this condition persists for many years into adulthood this human can become “broken”.(for lack of a better word)
    These broken souls cannot function socially and so create problems. I believe the evil people in this world are these people. In absence of good, bad can creep in and live.
    There are evil people in this world to be sure, broken souls!
    If you could go back in time and give this person love when they were young I’d bet they’d turn out much better!
    So, some people are just too broken and cannot be repaired.

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